Serge de Nimes 


in"Serge de Nimes" style 

1. Buy un-washed JEANS
To make your own Jeans, let's begin from a vergin JEANS.

2. Cut off the foot and give a foot with the chain stitch in the place if understanding shrinkage percentage
The washing in the early stages causes a twist in the foot. To make more twists come out, cut off the foot as early as possible. If wanting to let out the wrinkle modelling, it had better choose chain stitch. However, chain stitch has a fault that all are frayed when the part is frayed. The foot should cut not to be too long.

3. Bring the JEANS to home and wash immediately
The paste is the one to prevent the shrinkage of the dungaree by moisture and so on in the process of weaving dungaree. The dungaree sees a damage when wearing without washing off the paste. Let's wear after washing off a paste.

4. Turnover and Fix the buttons
It is because it makes not drop valuable indigo. Dropping indigo never returns. The one which fixed a button maintains the form while washing and becomes a beautiful color omission.

5. Soak in lukewarm water
To drop a paste by the washing in the once, the paste must be soaked beforehand. My repeating 3-minute dehydration and soaking twice.

6. Washe with the synthetic detergent
The detergent with the fluorescence paint is a taboo. The detergent which washes a sweater is recommendation. I wash for 8 minutes and set to the dehydration for 10 minutes. When putting in the washing machine, put in from the side of the waist. Because it is robust compared with the foot

7. Dry
The dryer at the coin laundry is more powerful than the dryer for the home. The running-out or the rank which is too much is good exactly a little. The dryer of SONY is good. It dries totally with the last hot wind.

8. Go home and Look your lovely JEANS
The color omission may have sometimes begun already. The time of the paradise

9. Iron
To present a beautiful color omission, open servage. Let's iron until the cloth becomes flat to prevent wrinkle.

10. Let's wear
When often wearing in the number of the times in the early stages, the jeans falls beautifully suddenly in the color from some time. At first, the change is late but it should wear without giving up.

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